• Brian Wright

Grab the expenses

In a period where taxation is increasing in the form of

  • increased National Insurance Contributions for both employees, self-employed and employers,

  • increasing rates of Corporation tax

  • frozen tax allowances

it is more important than ever to grab all the expenses incurred in generating income. i.e not missing legitimate expenses which can lower your taxable profits and income. In addition it ensures that the net income or profit is not overstated.

How to do this?

  • by using software and apps it is easier than ever to record all your expenses.

  • having a separate bank account for the business

  • using software in the cloud whereby that business bank account can be downloaded straight into the accounting software

  • Scanning shop. store, taxi receipts etc. into the accounting software using OCR technology, which is quick and easy and gets rid of paper.

  • using apps to record business mileage and provide an audit trail of mileage claims

We love using QuickBooks Online which does all the above and more. (There are other cloud accounting providers).

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