No Ordinary Firm.

The problem.

HMRC had opened an enquiry into one of Mrs A’s (who was self employed) tax returns. In addition she was late in filing a further two tax returns and had incurred penalties and interest. Mrs A had tried to deal with this herself but she felt out of her depth, overwhelmed by the amount of information requested by HMRC, very worried, and anxious.

How we helped.

We telephoned and spoke to the Inspector, corresponding promptly to their letters, and complying with the deadlines HMRC set for the provision of information and documents.

We met with Mrs A to reconstruct her books and records, to draft revised accounts, and amended tax returns.

We advised Mrs A on how to keep better records of her business.

We brought all her outstanding accounts and tax returns up to date and filing with HMRC.

The result.

The enquiry was closed by the inspector who confirmed that the accounts and tax return we submitted were accepted. The whole matter took less than 3 months. By helping her through a stressful time Mrs A felt very relieved that the case was closed, with less tax to pay than originally assessed and her tax returns and accounts were up to date.